MSO Staff

President and CEO
Celia Mann Baehr

Director of Marketing
Diana Brewer

Director of Artistic Operations
J.C. Barker

Director of Education (acting)
Ben Harper

Associate Director of Development
Mike Beasley

Marketing Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator
Caleb Givens

Verna Richard

Administrative/Box Office Assistant
Meghan Squier

Box Office Assistants
Dennis Parker
Soren Odom


Preludes Instructors

Ben Harper
Patrick Imsand

Strings Instructors

Enen Yu
Guo-Sheng Huang
Juan Jose Gutierrez
Linda Abercrombie

Mobile Symphony Youth Orchestra

Music Director
Robert. J. Seebacher

String Coaches

Enen Yu
Guo-Sheng Huang
John Palensky

Percussion Coach

Tim Beattie

Low Brass Coach

Charles “Buddy” Porter

Woodwind Coach

Evelyn Watkins

Brass Coach

Peter Wood